Thursday, 16 August 2012

Superwoman has been on a short holiday

It would be so easy to start this entry by disparaging myself for all the reasons I haven't updated this blog for far too long.

Rather than that I'll just show off by saying I've just been busy being super-woman; doing extra freelance work (lets pay for this reno!),  fighting off the flu (nothing will get me down!), volunteering for the school fair (school captain for my boys one day!?!), training for last weekend's City2Surf in Sydney (anyone know a good orthopaedic surgeon!) all while working with Peter to get our final working drawings completed.

I'm pleased to announce (drum roll)- we are DONE and super happy with the results.  We've got ourselves an stylish extension that ticks virtually all of the boxes in our extensive design brief.  Have a look for yourself....

Looking inside from the backyard

The laundry door - windows are into laundry, powder room & pantry

In the kitchen/family room (grey door is into laundry)

My small but functional laundry - right next the kitchen exactly where I wanted it!

Anyone feel like sitting at my breakfast bar with me?  Wine or milk?
The final floor plan!

Electrical plan - can you have too many plugs?

Turn the bloody lights the lighting plan.  Good thing we've got solar
 So now it's time to get this baby built, let the fun and games begin!