Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Reno remorse?

Suddenly, struggling to open and shut the door isn't filling me with dread...why is this so?
I've bought plenty of "they might fit one day" dresses and felt remorse.  Years ago I met a few shady characters in nightclubs that evoked similar feelings the following day.  But I've never experienced quite the type of nervousness I'm currently feeling.

For the past 12 months there have been things about this house that have been driving me spare. But suddenly the horrific non-sliding, sliding back door doesn't seem as bad as normal, the 2m x 1.5m kitchen space that four people all want to cook, stack the dishwasher, cry, do homework and wash their hands in at the same time doesn't feel as crowded and the leaking, mouldy shower doesn't feel so dirty as it did six weeks ago.  In fact, I've started to wonder - do we really need to renovate at all?  Is there really any point taking on more debt?

Rationally I'm attributing these unsettling thoughts to the fact that I'm pretty relaxed right now.  It's school holidays, I'm not rushing here and there, wanting my house to work for me - make my life smooth and clean around the edges.  It's lovely at home with my two beautiful brown eyed, brown haired boys. The sun is shining and memories of how happy we've been in this house are flooding around me daily.

Do you think I'm experiencing "pre-reno remorse"?

DISCLAIMER !!! Please note I work part-time as Communications Manager for Timber Queensland.  TQ represents everyone from the growers of timber to end users eg architects and growers.  I'm fortunate that I will have access to people that might help answer some of my questions during the renovation.  However, it's important to note that this blog is my personal opinion piece and does not represent the opinions of Timber Queensland.

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