Saturday, 15 September 2012

Signed, sealed and to be delivered!

Finished or just starting? It's an interesting conumdrum.  It's felt like a journey getting to the point of having FINAL APPROVED PLANS!

It's been an busy10 days in our household, aside from hosting the flu from hell and dealing with possible a possible job redundancy (avoided..phew!) we've been focused on a paper trail to get those approved plans in our hot little hands.

Our aim has been for the work to start no later than the end of September and there has been a myriad of hurdles to jump before going hat in hand to the bank for final approval of funds, who then take up to 4 weeks us the nod and provide the builder with a "notice to proceed."

We used Les Kirby at Catalyst Building Approvals , he informed us that before he would provide building approval we needed to

1. Builders Registration Insurance is required before the release of the plans for construction. Would you please have your registered builder lodge his insurance fees with the Queensland Building Services Authority and provide a copy of the confirmation number to our office. For additional information contact Building Services Authority or 32252800

2. Qleave is applicable to building works in excess of $80000. This levy is payable at an Australia Post Office calculated on the total value of works. Additional information regarding this call 1800 803481 or

But to get these documents we needed a signed builders contract (which we didn't realise, we thought you could get the approval and then shop around with builders - apparently not) .  So we finally made the decision confirmed with Ross Stone, Prestige Building Group and signed a contract.  

Then it was back to the bank with all of the documentation above, plus plenty more to get the final funds.

This all took place about 10 days ago and life has been chaotic since then.  I'm writing this on the couch in the middle of absolute chaos - packing boxes, a temporary kitchen half set up in the bathroom and a huge day of sorting things out tomorrow before our kitchen is removed on Monday!!


  1. Hi, I had my fingers crossed for you and that your reno would proceed. Yes it does seem rather odd that you need to get a builder on board before you can get plans approved and I had no idea you would be living in your house during the process. Best of luck. xx

  2. Yay, how exciting! No what you mean about the plans being a "journey", ours feels like a cruise to antarctica complete with groundings on icebergs. Had no idea you were living in either, we are contemplating it but as my kids have food allergies and I bake and cook a lot, not sure if we can cope with a bbq and a microwave for 3 months. Still thinking and would love to see what you guys get up too. Yes we do want lots of before and demolition pictures too please, as well as kitchen in bathroom set up as well. Glad I helped you with your kitchen design, I love fiddling around with that sort of thing, just frustrating as we are both perfectionists it takes ages. mel x